Today gluten intolerance is a rising issue. Only few people who are affected know about the issue and the degree of intolerance can be different. Non-specific symptoms such as fatigue, a feeling of pressure in the intestinal area or migraines are often not seen in context with gluten intolerance. It can´t be detected through a blood test, because this is not the absolute intolerance such as celiac disease. Most likely the gut feeling of the affected person or a kinesiology test can tell that one should better omit any cereals containing gluten in the diet.

Gluten can irritate the intestinal mucosa and also promote the “leaky gut” syndrome, ie an increased permeability of the intestinal wall for larger molecules, which then permanently calls the immune system into action.

Recently I had such a case in my circle of friends.

Over time the person had non-specific symptoms and tolerated dietary supplements less and less and responded generally more sensitive to different foods. In general high-quality natural health supplements rather clean and strengthen the body but here the person could not take them anymore.

Finally, I recommended to omit all gluten in the diet (bread, pasta …) and she felt much better. After some time she could continue taking her dietary supplements.

This was an interesting experience! Why?

Many consultants for food supplements are not aware of a cause like this, when someone does not tolerate the products. They then often say, that would be “detoxification” and one had to go through this phase. Well, often this is the right answer but not in all cases. When people affected by such an intolerance try to go through this and waiting to feel better they might feel misunderstood and disappointed after some time.

Maybe you know someone with non-specific symptoms? Why not suggest omitting gluten for a certain time?

These foods must be avoided: bread, cakes, pizza, pasta, crackers, meatballs (also contain flour), anything that contains flour, cereal, oatmeal.

What to eat instead: corn noodles, gluten-free cookies (rice flour), corn or chestnut flour crackers. By the way: Gluten-free products don´t taste very good. But don´t worry. So you will automatically reduce carbohydrates and that´s good for your health. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, fish and eggs are the better choice anyway …

I´ll surely write some more articles on this topic 😉

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